Invasive alien plant species are constantly on the move and expanding into new areas. Reporting new infestations will assist all landowners and invasive plant managers in early detection and rapid response activities. It will also enhance the knowledge of the current distribution of those species that are established in the province.

If you wish to report an invasive plant you have the following options:

1) Contact your local invasive plant coordinator with details such as: a GPS coordinate, digital pictures, infestation size, location details and any other pertinent information. For the Okanagan-Similkameen area, contact Lisa Scott at or (250) 404-0115.


2) Use the Report-A-Weed wizard which takes you through 3 easy steps that enable you to report a suspected new sighting of an invasive alien plant species in British Columbia. Once completed, your report will be compared to known locations of the invasive plant species in the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) application, and then it will be sent directly to a provincial Invasive Plant Specialist for your area. The IAPP Application is a free, publically-accessible database that is run by the Ministry of Forest and Range. It is intended to co-ordinate/share information generated by various agencies and non-government organizations involved in invasive plant management. Once your report is received by your local Specialist then the information may be shared and the agency/land owner responsible for the reported infestation will be notified.

To report an invasive plant sighting, click HERE and go to the “Report-A-Weed” link.